The Ninho de Empresas de Loulé (Loulé Business Nest) aims to promote the emergence of new companies in the geographical area in which it is deployed, providing them with technical and physical conditions in order to create skilled jobs. 

The Loulé Business Nest is an Incubator - infrastructure dedicated to benefit new industrial and service companies, consisting of pavilions/workshops and offices. It has:  

- Service Area - 11 offices with 65 m2/each for incubation services companies or workshop;

- Industrial Area - 5 pavillions/workshps with 90 m2/each hatching of industrial companies or workshops;

- Common Area - Reception, Information and Documentation Center, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Bar.


Can apply to Loulé Business Nest: 

Persons aged over 18 years old;

- Private entities for profit.

Applications for the creation of companies to install in the Loulé Business Nest may be submitted at any time, open period, and shall ensure that the company´s management to create is in fact exercised by least one the project promoters.

The projects presented by promoters must have the following conditions:

Demonstrate economic and technical viability;

Ensure a stable and skilled employment;

Adapt the design to the facilities.

There are not allowed projects to create companies submitted by entities that already develop business activities outside the Loulé Business Nest.

Management entity: IEFP - Delegação Regional do Algarve
Rua Dr. Cândido Guerreiro, 45-1º, 8000-318 FARO

Phone: (+351) 289 152 301 ou (+351) 289 152 600
Email: delegacao.algarve@iefp.pt

Incubator Location
Ninho de Empresas de Loulé - Edifício CACE
Zona Industrial de Loulé
8100-272 Loulé

Phone: (+351) 289 152 745

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